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Book Review of The Girl Who Said Sorry By Hayoung Yim Illustrated by Marta Maszkiewiez

The Girl Who Said Sorry
By Hayoung Yim Illustrated by Marta Maszkiewiez
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness) December 30,2017 12:31am

  • Publication date: October 5, 2017
  • Publisher: Rhyming Reason Books
  • Book Length: Rhyming Reason Books
  • ASIN: B075KHM4B6

  • Book Description:

    Too girly or too boyish. Too thin or too fat. Too quiet, too loud. Be ambitious, but don’t hurt feelings. Be inquisitive, but don’t interrupt. Be outspoken, but don’t be bossy. Most of all, be yourself—but be a lady.

    What’s a girl to do in a world filled with contradicting gender expectations, aside from saying sorry?

    The way we teach politeness norms to children is often confusing, changing based on gender—and can have lasting effects. And while everyone should be courteous and accountable for their actions, apologetic language out of context can undermine confidence and perceived capability.

    Within the subtle yet beautiful illustrations and powerful rhyme of "The Girl Who Said Sorry", developing girls will learn that self-expression and personal choices can be made without apology, and with confidence. 

    50% of profits from this book is donated to Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation campaign dedicated to empowering young girls to take action on global issues

  • Book Review:

  • The Girl Who Said Sorry

    Author: Hayoung Yim 

     It’s hard enough growing up be confused from so many different opinions of who’s right, who’s wrong, what’s right and what’s wrong. When do we apologize or when do we stand up for ourselves and stop apologizing? Children growing up in our society have in my opinion a lot of difficult decisions to make with peer pressure in the mix. How do they handle it without hurting someone’s feelings or getting their own feelings hurt? 

     I feel that this very short story of a young girl being confused trying to please everyone, apologizing at everything she does thinking its what would make everyone happy. Only it just makes things more confusing and for a little girl growing up it’s hard to find your bearing at such a young age. This story of Hayoung Yim should help a confused girl a general direction of figuring out what she should actually be sorry about and how young girls should be comfortable being themselves and have fun.

    About The Author:

    Hayoung Yim is a third-wave feminist, environmentalist, advocate for evidence-based public policies, and diverse writer. A UofT graduate in political science and English, she strives to highlight issues to developing children in an approachable manner. She lives in Toronto, Canada, where she dreams about implementing social change through popular culture. In her spare time, she likes to travel through time and space.

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