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Book Review of The Oregon Kids Runaway Whiskers By Bob Richley

Oregeon Kids
Runaway Whiskers 
By: Bob Richley
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness) October 15,2017 3:21am

  • Publication date: August 17, 2017
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Book Length: 34 pages 
  • ASIN: B074PXX5K1
  • ISBN-10: 1546928812
  • ISBN- 13: 978-1546928812

Book Description:

In Runaway Whiskers, the values of honesty and responsibility are exemplified. Autumn finds a pet rabbit and is reluctant to return it. Will she be honest and return it? Johanna is the owner of the rabbit, Whiskers. It was her responsibility to care for the rabbit and close the cage door. When Whiskers runs away because the cage was left open, she is heartbroken

Book Review:

The Oregeon Kids
Runaway Whiskers 

Author: Bob Richley 

  Bob Richley wrote an enjoyable children’s book, 'The Oregeon Kids Runaway Whiskers.' This is a short easy book for a young reader, or for a parent to read to a younger child or to enjoy alone as picture book. It has engaging illustrations that help to pull the story along as well as help to tell the story and to keep one focused. 

The characters are young Autumn, age six, and her brother Billy, who is nine. This book has heart warming pictures of life lessons of character, ethics and honesty. We can all take a step back and take a little refresher about the very fundamentals of ethics and honesty. It's a lesson children will learn while reading without knowing there being taught a lesson about it.

When Autumn wanted a rabbit and finds one in her back yard, she is reminded throughout the book about the important of values. She is reminded she must choose to make the right decision that would be fair and right for everyone. In the end, to be just, everyone got just what they wanted. Equality. And More. Not only to Autumns own Suprise she ends up not only with her dreams come true, but a best friend!

 At the end of the book is a preview of a few pages from the The Oregon Kids The Big Catch. This is also a book for your young readers to enjoy created by Bob Richley.  This children’s book, Runaway Whiskers  I thought was very pleasurable, and the experience Autumn undergoes will help teach young minds why it’s important to be honest. I think it will also show how their actions will affect the feelings of others when it comes to making decisions, I highly recommend this book for young readers.

About The Author:

Bob Richley is a parent, who has volunteered for years in children's ministry. Teaching children good values and the grace of God are his passions. These stories, originally written for a single mom to help her raise her children, are a way to fulfill this passion and to help children learn good values. Richley has always loved children, wanting all children to be raised with love and grace. It is his hope that his stories will be one of many tools that parents will use to teach and to raise their children with godly values.

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