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Bookreview from Oh My Bookness: Echo The Copy Cat ( Goddess Girls 19) By Joan Holub

Echo The Copy Cat ( Goddess Girls 19)
By Joan Holub 

Book Length: 272
Age Level: 8-12
Grade Levwl: 3-7
Publication date: April 26, 2016
  • Publisher: Aladdin
  • ASIN: B00Z7C1A0K

Book Description:
In this nineteenth Goddess Girls adventure a new forest-mountain nymph shows up at Mount Olympus Academy and tries to fit.

Echo is a forest-mountain nymph and the new girl at Mount Olympus Academy. She is a little nervous, so she tries to mimic all of the gestures, expressions, and slang of the cool MOA students. While imitation is supposed to be the best form of flattery, Echo’s chattiness doesn’t exactly endear her to her fellow classmates—in fact, it has the opposite effect! Will she be able to find a way to be herself and become friends with the students around her?

Book Review:
Echo The Copy Cat ( Goddess Girls 19)
Author: Joan Holub 
Review By: Brittany Perez 
(Oh My Bookness)
September 23, 2016

I had the pleasure of reading Goddess Girls ‘Echo the CopyCat.’ Goddess Girls ‘Echo the CopyCat' is an adventurous story about a forest-mountain nymph who's trying to find her way and was unsure who she really was. Echo struggles to find her own identity, but along the way she copycats words, clothing, and styles in fashion magazines to feel special. Unfortunately her classmates feel differently about her copy cat attitude. Along the way Echo finds it brings more heartache and confusion in the process and in her struggles she forgets to do the one important thing of all, to chant a protection spell for her beloved tree Firheart. Now Echo is on a quest to Mount Olympus Academy to get help to bring Firnheart back.

I think this book is great to  read and Joan and Suzanne have brought mythical characters  to young readers and made it fun to learn from them. They also made it fun to learn the names of each character and gave each one a fun role. It also teaches about vanity, and the negative outcomes that one can face when we forget who we are underneath. Sure we all like to look at ourselves in the mirror each morning or every now and then, but when a person is obsessed about oneself then it becomes a bit too much. I’m sure almost everyone knows or use to know someone of that nature, I know I did. As like the character Narcissis, the authors used a self absorbed youth in mythology to show where too much of ones desire gets you. He’s a character one loves to hate, just like Echo who was obsessed in impressing her classmates and she forgets about her first duty, to protect her beloved tree. Along the way during her quest, Echo becomes sidetrack a few times and all I could think about was poor Firnheart.
In the end she was able to do both. Echo was able to do what her heart desired and stay at home in the forest-mountain and study her designs as well as protect the new sapling that grew out of Firnheart stump.

The  authors had made this book simple to read but also passionate with their characters and will have you on edge as you turn each page. I highly recommend this book for young readers. I feel this a book both parent and the young reader will enjoy.

                                    About The Author:

Joan Holub has authored and/or illustrated more than 130 children's books. With Suzanne Williams she is the author of the popular Goddess Girls, Heroes in Training, and Grimmtastic Girls series. She lives in Raleigh, N.C. and can be found at

Suzanne Williams is the author of nearly 40 books for children, including the award-winning picture book Library Lil (illustrated by Steven Kellogg) and the popular Goddess Girls series and Heroes in Training series, both co-authored with Joan Holub. For more about Suzanne and her books, visit

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