Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mini Myths Be Patient, Pandora Book Review

Mini Myths:
Be Patient, Pandora
Author: Joan Holub
Illustrated: Leslie Patricelli
Age Range: 1 - 4 years
Series: Mini Myths
Board book: 24 pages
Publisher: Abrams Appleseed; Brdbk edition (September 16, 2014)
ISBN-10: 1419709518

Mini Myths; Be Patient, Pandora is a modern day parable, mythology based about a young Pandora. The Mini Myths; Be Patient, Pandora is based around Pandora and "her box" with a twist. Be Patient, Pandora by Joan Holub and illustrated by Leslie Patricelli brings Greek Mythology to the young in a fun and simplistic and easy, fun to understand way in this board book. 

Young Pandora is told not to open the box, but her curiosity gets the better end of her. She cannot resist getting closer and closer to it. From just touching,to sitting on it....well just until her curiosity gets the better of her, rips the package open. In a tale filled with a lesson to be learned, followed by cute and fun illustrations by Leslie Patricelli and text by Joan Holub, pandora teaches the lessons of Hope, love, curiosity with patience. At the end of the story follows the original myth summarizing Pandora and the Box given to her by Zeus after being sent down to earth by the gods. Knowing the box did belong to her, her curiosity got the best to her and had to know what is in the box. What would follow would make all suffer, but what lastly remained in the box would be HOPE, which meant love and happiness was still possible.

A book to be enjoyed by the young will let all readers enjoy the story with its fun illustrations. 

About the Author
Joan Holub is an award-winning, bestselling author of over 130 children’s books, including the popular series Goddess Girls. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Leslie Patricelli has published over 25 books for children, including Yummy Yucky and other titles in the bestselling Bald Baby board book series. She lives in Hailey, Idaho.

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