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Bookreview From Oh My Bookness: Meeting Moses by Robert Chasin and Matt Roussel

Meeting Moses
By Robert Chasin and Matt Roussel

  • Publication date: 26 Feb 2017
  • Publisher: Meeting Bible Heroes Publishing

Age Level: 5 - 8

  • ISBN: 1684181658

Book Description:
About Meeting Moses 
Based on the Old Testament, Meeting Moses enchants and inspires children with the type of entertainment that children ages 5-8 have come to expect. The illustrations are truly beautiful and worthy of animation. 

Parents will appreciate that Moses becomes an excellent role model for children to follow, even as a child. The author’s goal is to help children develop their own special relationship with God. 

It’s an honest mistake when Max gets to use his father’s time traveling machine to visit ancient Egypt and meet his
favorite Bible hero. Told from a children’s point of view, Max gets to have an amazing adventure with Moses, whom he first meets as a child. At the same time, he also meets a young, antagonistic Ramses, the future Pharaoh of Egypt.

Max is invited to the Egyptian palace by the Princess, where he meets Ramses’ father, the Pharaoh of Egypt. Max’s modern day appearance and his behavior seems strange to the Pharaoh, but Max is given permission to
stay. While playing in the courtyard, Max takes out his futuristic Mega-Pod and reveals to young Moses his true Jewish identity and his life’s destiny. Just as Moses starts to figure things out, Ramses grabs the Mega-Pod and learns that he is going to be the next ruler of Egypt. Believing that Max possesses evil magic, Ramses commands the guards to take Max to jail. 

While Ramses is trying to figure out in vain how to use the time traveling machine for his own advantage......

Book Review:
Meeting Moses
Author: Robert Chasin 
and Illustrator Matt Roussel 
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
April 15, 2017

To most people religion is a big part of their lives and they want their children to have the same experience as they did. Only when some children enter the age to learn about the Bible of the Old Testament it can be a little hard for some to sit and to concentrate, to consume what is being taught to them. Let's face it, a thick book, no pictures. Maybe you have a children's bible with pictures in it, are their minds still wandering and not really getting it? Well there may be an answer for their wandering little minds to be entertain and still learning about the Old Testament. 

Robert Chasin and Matt Roussel created a children's book “Meeting Moses”, and they have found a unique way of teaching young children to have fun with learning about the Old
Testament. The story involves a young boy that takes his fathers time machine back in time and visits one of our bible heroes, Moses!  Thousands of years ago the Bible heroes had occurred, this can make it hard for young minds to grasp and have the appetite to learn more. 

The illustrations are amazing with details, the pages are full of fun images to look at and the characters appear amazing. Robert and Matt
created a fun and inspiring storybook for young children to read and learn about the heroes of the Bible. Now learning has been made fun and wanting to know more, now young minds will have their full attention in this fun learning storybook, “Meeting Moses.”


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